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Why Your Electric Cooktop Is Not Getting Hot Enough?

Viking cooktops, rangetops, ovens and other premium home appliances are well known all around the USA for high quality and durability. You can certainly expect a Viking cooktop to last longer than a similar appliance of your average brand, but even these appliances are bound to experience certain problems sooner or later. So, what are you going to do if you find out that your electric cooktop is taking longer to cook than it used to do before? No need to worry about your semi-malfunctioning appliance – try troubleshooting it and find the root of the problem!

Viking Professional Electric Cooktop

Possible Causes

WARNING: Make sure to cut off the power supply before you start the disassembly. The easiest way to do this is to turn off the cooktop breaker in your house electrical panel. Test the appliance and make sure there is indeed no power supply before you continue!

Make Sure the Cooktop is Connected Correctly

Have you just connected your cooktop? It is possible that a mistake could have been made during the installation. Unlike other home appliances, cooktops, stoves and ovens should be connected to a 220-240 volt circuit. Most Viking cooking appliances will either quit working entirely or won’t be able to reach the temperatures necessary for proper cooking. This is a rare problem, however, occasionally the appliance could have been connected to a wrong outlet by mistake after renovation or cleaning.

Viking wiring

Check the Heating Elements

All modern Viking cooktops have heating elements hidden beneath the ceramic surface, that makes the repair process a little more complicated. You will have to remove your cooktop – start with disconnecting the conduit beneath the cooktop (don’t forget to flip off the breaker!). Carefully lift the cooktop from the cutout in order to continue with the disassembly.

Inspect the wires – you can start with inspecting the burners’ connection. A poor connection or a loose wire may often significantly reduce the performance of your cooktop. Make sure there are no loose connections, the wires are neither rusted nor damaged, and there is no dirt over the wires. You can try swapping the burners themselves if you believe you may experience a problem with a specific burner. Try simply swapping malfunctioning burners to see if the problem is going to persist after swapping.

cooktop glasstop viking electric heating element

Get a New Control Board

As we have mentioned above, this problem can be often caused by the insufficient power supply. If you have carefully examined the wiring of your appliance and did not find any shorts, loose connections or burns we recommend checking the control board of your cooktop. Examine it visually as well and make sure there are no visible burns. You may try replacing the control board as well, however, this should be the last resort and you should do it only if you make sure the rest of the appliance parts are working as intended.

Viking Range Control Board

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