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With a population just shy of three-quarters of a million Coloradans, Denver is considered as the nation’s 5th most populated capital and 19th most populated city in the entire continental United States of America.

One other neat little fact about Denver is that it’s often referred to as the “Mile High City”, thanks to its being actually situated at exactly one mile above sea level.

The city of Denver is where you’ll find some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the state, fully encompassed by the dazzle of its city lights in the dark, mountainous nights. Needless to say, the spectacular scenery draws in millions of tourists every single year, which truly makes the region a destination worth seeing.

And thanks to Viking Appliance Pros, Denver is also where you’ll find some of the most stylishly designed, well-kept, and professionally maintained appliances in the state of Colorado. With not one, but three head offices, Viking Appliance Pros is proud to bring homeowners and business owners the best-in-class appliance service found in Denver and its surrounding areas.

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When an appliance breaks down, whether it be a fridge, a freezer, a washer, a dryer, an oven, or a stovetop, it can easily leave you in a precarious situation, where time quickly starts to become money.

Especially when we’re talking about fridges and freezers, if your appliance is not repaired or replaced in a timely, efficient manner, your dilemma can quickly turn into a costly one. And every minute that goes by, you’re that much closer to having your food thaw out and turn bad.

So whether you need help with your fridge or freezer, or any other appliance, give us a call today or come in and visit us at our head office, situated at 4078 S Sable Circle in Aurora. Our team of friendly, professional appliance experts is always happy to help!

Whether you’re in Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, or central Denver, there’s no doubt that Viking Appliance Pros are going to be your best, one-stop-shop for all your appliance installation, servicing, and repair needs.

We have a skilled team of fully-certified appliance technicians, who are extremely well-versed in the lore of home and commercial appliances. This deep, internal knowledge and understanding of appliances allow our team members to perform installations, maintenance tasks, and repair jobs in the absolute quickest, most efficient manner possible, every single time we’re sent out to your home or business location!

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But not only do we have professional, well-trained technicians, but our customer service staff is also always on standby, waiting to help you out with any appliance questions or problems that might come your way.

Here, at Viking Appliance Pros, we understand that when your appliances breakdown, either at home or at a commercial establishment, the faster your problem is resolved, the faster you can get your life back on track.

And, because we know how important properly functioning appliances can be to home and business owners, we offer prompt same-day emergency service at no extra charge. On top of that, to back it all up, we only use 100% original Viking parts and components, as well as standing behind our work with warranties on both parts and labor.

That’s a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

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So, if you’re looking for Viking appliance repair service help in:

  • Aurora
  • Littleton
  • Denver
  • Centennial
  • Five Points
  • North Capitol Hill
  • Uptown or Lower Downtown
  • Park Hill or the surrounding areas

Don’t hesitate to contact Viking Appliance Pros today for a free consultation or quote.

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