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Viking Undercounter Refrigerator Repair

Are you running out of space in your refrigerator? Luckily, with Viking Range, LLC you can always purchase an extra refrigerator sacrificing only a fraction of your kitchen’s space! Viking undercounter refrigerators – wine cellars, beverage centers or drawers come in a variety of sizes and are well-known for their stylish look, efficient performance and durability.

Common Undercounter Refrigerator Problems

Refrigerator Is Not Working

Has your refrigerator stopped working entirely? This kind of problems are typically not common with Viking refrigerators, but unfortunately, sometimes even Viking appliances may simply quit functioning. The first thing you should do is to make sure the appliance is plugged in. Have a look at the breaker box and make sure the corresponding breaker was not triggered. Finally, we recommend plugging a small appliance into the same power outlet you are using for your refrigerator and making sure it works just fine before you proceed with diagnosing the appliance itself. Carefully examine the power cord and make sure it is not damaged. If you are willing to disassemble your appliance and proceed with the repair on your own, we recommend examining the control of your appliance for damage, such as burns. You may have to replace this part if you find that it is faulty.

Undercounter Wine Cellar Open Door

Professional Viking Refrigerator Repair

Call (844) 930-2782 for professional assistance with your refrigerator, whether you need to repair it, diagnose the problem or replace a broken part!

Refrigerator Is Not Cold Enough

To start with, make sure the refrigerator is not overloaded. There should be some space to facilitate proper airflow between the items that are crucial for the efficiency of your refrigerator. Carefully examine the door or the drawer of your refrigerator and make sure it is closed properly and not leaking any cool air. Finally, if you are willing to properly diagnose your appliance on your own, we recommend taking a look at the thermostat – rather often this problem is caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. Unfortunately, it is still possible that the inadequate performance of your appliance is caused by a faulty compressor or even a malfunctioning control board.

Professional 5 Series Refrigerator
Viking Undercounter Refrigerator

Professional Series Undercounter Refrigerators

Viking offers both glass and solid door 24-inch undercounter refrigerators that belong to Viking Professional 5 Series. These handy refrigerators allow storing wine bottle and beverage cans and the outdoor model can be incredibly useful during the summer! These refrigerators have a variety of shelves configurations that make it possible to store both drinks, fruits or even meals inside!

Viking Refrigerated Drawers

Professional Series Refrigerated Drawers

Viking Professional Product Line offers refrigerator draws for those customers who need extra space for keeping their foods and drinks cold. The undercounter drawers is a convenient way of storing your food and drinks in case you are planning to open them often, since the drawers lose less cold air each time you open them, allowing the appliance to retain the low temperature more efficiently. Moreover, the Close Door Assist System developed by Viking automatically gently closes the drawers in case they were left open – something that is barely possible with traditional refrigerators.

Viking Undercounter Wine Cooler

Professional Undercounter Wine Cellars

Viking Undercounter Wine Cellars are premium grade refrigerators that are specifically designed for long-term storage of up to 40 bottles. These wine cellars have two temperature zones and allow the user to adjust the temperature settings for them separately. It is important to point out that unlike other refrigerators Viking wine cellars are specifically optimized for wine preservation.

Viking Undercounter Beverage Center

Professional  5 Series Beverage Centers

Do you need to store other drinks and not just wine? Viking Beverage Centers help you do just that! These compact undercounter refrigerators come with a variety of shelves that are designed for compact storage of various beverages, no matter what container is used!

Are You Looking for Professional Assistance?

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