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Viking Outdoor Refrigerators Repair

Is there nothing not to love about the pool parties or having a family dinner outdoors at the deck by your house? Luckily, Viking offers several refrigeration solutions just for these occasions! All these appliances are designed with the outdoor counters in mind, although they can also be installed as freestanding units.

Outdoor Refrigerator Is Constantly Running

Is your refrigerator constantly running or making excessive noise? There can be several issues that lead to this problem and we will start by reviewing the most basic ones. Firstly, check the grille that is located at the bottom side of the front panel of your refrigerator – make sure it is not blocked, there is no dust or leaves covering the grille and preventing the proper air circulation. If you haven’t performed the maintenance on your appliance for a while it may make sense to remove the grille and clean the evaporator coils from dust – this will significantly increase the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption. Most of the time the increased working time of your refrigerator’s compressor is associated with low efficiency. Another common reason could be that the inner chamber of your refrigerator has a leak. Carefully examine the door gasket, make sure it is not cracked and that the door fits the gasket snugly, the door is not bent and the gasket itself is not damaged. Keep in mind that the refrigerator will have to perform a larger amount of work if you open it often. In this case, it is often recommended to keep it cool – this way other food items or beverages inside the refrigerator will help it to keep the cold temperature and reduce the running time of your refrigerator.

Viking White Gasket for Outdoor Refrigerators

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What to Do if Your Outdoor Refrigerator Is Not Working?

Refrigerators are rather complex appliances and there may be several issues that lead to the significant decreases in their performance. Keep in mind that it takes quite a while for a refrigerator to start working efficiently – it is normally advised to wait for at least a day after you turn on even a new refrigerator before the temperature will decrease to the acceptable level. Make sure the LEDs are working inside the refrigerator when you open the door. Even with the LEDs working you can still have a problem either with the electric circuit or faulty start capacitor. Check the thermostat of your refrigerator, sometimes the temperature setting can be changed by mistake or due to an electrical fault. We would recommend inviting an appliance repairman for proper diagnostics of your thermostat and sealed system in case you have troubles finding the source of the problem.

Viking Wine Cooler Thermostat PB010036
Viking Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerator

Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerators

Unlike the indoor counterparts, these refrigerators are made to withstand various weather conditions and extreme temperature change. These undercounter refrigerators have a door lock which is pretty helpful for winter-time conservation.

Viking Refrigerated Drawers Outdoor

Outdoor Refrigerated Drawers

Outdoors refrigerator drawers are a great choice for undercounter refrigeration. The unique construction allows you to open the drawers multiple times without any significant loss of cool air making maintaining a low temperature inside the drawers easier and cheaper.

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