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Viking Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers bring a great convenience to our houses, cleaning our dishes while we are sitting back and relaxing. However, a broken or poorly running dishwasher can destroy the harmony in the kitchen.
Viking dishwashers are high-quality appliances, but a variety of issues like extended wash cycles or drain problems may also be keeping your dishwasher from giving you the quality results you expect. In this case, expert technicians at Viking Appliance Pros are standing by ready to diagnose the problem with your dishwasher and help you to find the best solution.

Viking Dishwasher Repair

The Most Common Dishwasher Problems and How to Fix Them

Here is the list of common Viking dishwasher problems:

Dishwasher won’t drain

Viking dishwasher won't drainIf your Viking dishwasher is not draining properly,  follow these simple tips below:

  • Clean the filter from any debris
  • Make sure the drain hose isn’t kinked or bent
  • Clean out the air gap
  • Check the garbage disposal unit for clogs

If you’ve tried all the tips above and your dishwasher still won’t drain properly, the problem is likely due to a fault with the internal components of your dishwasher. It can be:

  • Faulty drain pump or motor
  • Broken drain impeller
  • Faulty drain solenoid kit
  • Malfunctioning check valve or many more.

In this case, a professional appliance repairman help is required.

Dishwasher won’t clean properly

Viking dishwasher won't clean dishes properlyIf you found the dishes came out dirty after the dishwasher cycle is completed, try the following tips to resolve the issue:

  • Give the spray arms a spin to make sure they can move freely without obstruction
  • Turn on the hot water faucet nearest the dishwasher and clear the line of cold water.
  • Add fresh and dry detergent to the dispenser
  • Load all items so that the force of the water and the detergent reach soiled surfaces

Unfortunately, even after these useful tips, you Viking dishwasher may not clean dishes, as it should because of these faulty  parts:

  • Worn spray arm bearing ring
  • Defective water inlet valve
  • Restricted water supply tube
  • Cracked wash spinner

Rely on our experienced technicians when you need some faulty parts to replace.

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Dishwasher is leaking

Leaking DishwasherWhen your Viking dishwasher is leaking, try the following before calling the professionals:

  • Make sure the dishwasher is leveled
  • Wipe down the condensed water from the underside of the work surface
  • Check the drain and inlet hoses for tears or damage in the material

If you’ve checked all of these places and your dishwasher is still leaking, it may be time to call in professional help as the following parts might be causing the issue:

  • Defective water inlet valve
  • Broken wash arm
  • Cracked motor shaft seal
  • Damaged sump seal
  • Faulty door gasket

Dishwasher won’t start

Viking dishwasher wont startAnd finally, when your Viking dishwasher won’t start, you can perform the following:

  • Make sure that your dishwasher is plugged in and getting power
  • Check if the dishwasher door is closed properly
  • Ensure the water supply is turned on to the dishwasher

If your dishwasher won’t start, these parts  can be the culprits of the issue:

  • Broken door switch
  • Defective door latch
  • Blown thermal fuse
  • Damaged touchpad
  • Faulty main control board
  • Faulty timer

If your Viking dishwasher still doesn’t run and you may need assistance of a qualified technician.

Viking Dishwasher Product Line

Viking features four dishwasher lines – Tuscany, Viking Professional, Virtuoso, and Viking.


Viking Tuscany Dishwasher Repair

The Italian design is perfectly combined with Viking professional performance in the Tuscany dishwashers line. Tuscany dishwashers are available in elegant dark blue and silver colors.

Viking Professional

Viking Professional Dishwasher Repair

Viking Professional dishwashers clean every dish with an excellent care. They have such awesome features as variable pressure wash, turbofan dry system, and multi-stage filtration system.


Viking Virtuoso Dishwasher Repair

Some of the quietest dishwashers on the market, Virtuoso dishwashers have the following features –  water softener, multi-level pressure wash, and LCD control panel for easy viewing of cycle selection and remaining wash time.


Viking dishwasher wont start

Viking dishwashers provide spotless dishes while near-silent operation. They use three wash arms, built-in water softener and triple filtration system for the best washing dishes results.

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