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Viking Outdoor Cooking Appliances Repair

Viking Outdoor Cooking Appliances

What is not to love in Viking Professional series outdoor cooking appliance? These sturdy professional-grade appliances made for home cooking will run all the time you want them to run – no matter the weather.

Viking offers a variety of outdoor cooking appliances – several series of grills, surface cooking elements and warming drawers.

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Common Problems with Viking Outdoor Cooking Appliances

Despite the common misconception, outdoor appliances are well shielded from exposure to both summer heat and winter frost, provided you use an appropriate cover.

Grill Not Working after the Winter

A lot of people get pretty upset and simply throw away their appliances each spring when they discover that their grill or side burners are not lighting up. However, it is important to point out that while your appliance indeed got a little older during the last few months it still doesn’t mean it is broken. Most likely it simply needs some maintenance.

Carefully remove the heat plate (keep in mind it may have a large amount of dust) and examine the burners. Try turning on the valve. Check if the igniter is sparking – in case you can hear and smell the gas flow but the igniter is not sparking, the problem can be with the igniter, the spark module or wiring of your appliance. Have you plugged in your grill? Check the breaker box and make sure the corresponding breaker is not tripped.

You may found leaves, dirt and the cobwebs inside your grill – make sure to remove those and carefully clean the burners. Sometimes the problem may be simply caused by the obstructed gas flow. Also, the dirty burners of your grill may also prevent the igniter from sparking too!

Finally, if your igniters are working fine and the burners are clean but you still do not get enough gas to light up the burner we recommend checking the propane tank or the pressure regulator. Unfortunately, you would have to check those separately. If you need to swap the regulator, carefully unscrew the part both from the manifold and from the propane tank. Clean the fittings before replacing the old regulator with a new part.

Viking Professional Outdoor Grill
Viking Freestanding Grill

Viking Professional Grills

Viking offers a series of state of the art gas grills that features both built-in and freestanding models. These grills come in a variety of sizes that makes them an excellent choice for any outdoor kitchen. These cooking appliances guarantee efficient cooking for good heat distribution and easy cleaning. Each Viking grill has a dual-position rotisserie with a rear burner.

Viking SIde Burner Outdoor Cooking Appliance

Outdoor Side Burners

Most of the time Viking grills come with the side burners that substantially complement your outdoor cooking options. These appliances are often just as important as a grill itself. However, they also tend to develop faults over time. Whether you need to fix Viking side burners or a power burner, we can repair them all!

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