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Viking Wine Cellars Repair

There is nothing not to love in Viking wine cellars – they are easy to use and to clean, and they perform their job quietly and efficiently. Still, sooner or later your Wine Cellar will break. Sometimes it can be a problem with the excessive wear or improper use, but rather often the problem can be pretty simple to fix. Whether your Wine Cellar is not turning on or failing to maintain the proper temperature – there is no need to just throw it away – sometimes repair can be as simple as conducting proper maintenance. Even if the problem is more serious it is always cheaper to replace the part than replace the whole appliance!

Viking Wine Cellar

Common Wine Cellar Problems

Wine Cellar Refuses to Start

Many people take this recommendation dismissively, but it is always important to examine the power cord of your appliance first. Make sure the appliance is plugged in and that the cord is not damaged. Do not forget to check the breaker box as well and make the corresponding breaker was not tripped. Unfortunately, if you want to continue the diagnostic you would have to disassemble your wine cellar and get into more technicalities. We recommend carefully examining the control board of your wine cellar and making sure that it has no burns or other damage.

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Viking Wine Cellars Service in Denver

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Wine Cellar Does not Maintain the Required Temperature

Is your wine cellar temperature too low or too high? Make sure the temperature settings of your wine cellar are set correctly. Keep in mind that it may take up to 2 days to reach the target temperature for your wine cellar if it was turned off. Examine the gasket and make sure there are no cracks. The gasket should be airtight, otherwise, the cool air will escape the wine cellar, making it harder to refrigerate and dropping the energy efficiency of your appliance significantly. In addition, it is important to clean the condenser coil of your appliance. It is recommended to clean the coil regularly once or twice a year. A large amount of dust over the coil will result in a significant decrease of performance, increase the energy consumption and decrease the efficiency of your wine cellar. This will make it hard to refrigerate the wine compartment, especially if you use it a lot and frequently open the door.

Additionally, it may make sense to examining the door switch. In case the lights inside your wine cellar remain on once you close the door you most likely have a problem with the door switch. This means that your appliance does not realize the door has been closed and refuses to start cooling.

Viking Wine Cooler Thermostat PB010036

A Viking wine cellar can fit up to 150 wine bottles on 15 shelves. These appliances are designed for professional long-term wine preservations – and has all the necessary functionality for it. The user can adjust the internal temperature and the appliance will helpfully inform the user if the temperature inside is too high for efficient wine storage or if the door was accidentally left often. Moreover, the user will have an opportunity to lock the door with a key for extra security. Even though these wine cellars were designed as full-height built-in appliances, it is still possible to position them as freestanding units.

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