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What To Do If You Can’t Adjust The Temperature On Your Viking Electric Stove Burners

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to cook a meal on your Viking Electric stove when the burners don’t want to adjust, or even worse, when a small change on the dial either causes the burner to die out completely or heat up way too much? 

While regular stove maintenance helps avoid an under or overcooked meal, it’s not uncommon for parts to wear out over time. 

So to help you assess the problem, here’s what to do if the temperature of Viking Electric Stove Burners won’t adjust

However, it’s crucial to remember that you should never attempt to make any electrical appliance repairs without sufficient experience or knowledge of your appliance. 

You don’t want to injure yourself or someone else. So if you need assistance, don’t be afraid to reach out to a qualified technician for help.

Malfunctioning Burner Control Switch

Broken Knobs

Viking electric stove burner control switch

All Viking electric stoves have a burner control switch. 

The burner control switch is what increases or decreases the heat of the stove burners. Typically, you have the option to set a burner to ‘low’, ‘medium-low’, ‘medium’, ‘medium-high, and ‘high’ heat, as well as being able to fine-tune the temperature in between these setting.

In general, you can tell your Viking electric stove burner control switch is malfunctioning if you turn it on and the burner simply won’t heat up. Alternatively, the burner might turn on, but it will remain at very high heat, making it impossible to cook anything without burning it. 

In other words, both scenarios aren’t great for cooking. 

To confirm whether or not the burner control switch is the problem, you’ll need to remove the switch and use a multimeter. However, when it comes to burner control switch issues, diagnosing the problem is best left to a technician.

Viking electric stove knobs

A broken knob is a common reason why your Viking Electric stove burner won’t adjust. 

The stove burner knobs turn the burner control switch on. You can then use the knobs to adjust the temperature of the burner itself. So when the control knob is broken, it’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with the switch; it’s just that the knob isn’t adjusting it accordingly.  

If your control knobs aren’t visibly broken or damaged, the first thing you should do is clean your knobs. 

Sometimes food particles and other debris can affect the knob from turning the burner control switch. Clean the stove knobs with warm water and soap. Let the knobs dry and replace them on the electric stove. 

If cleaning the knobs doesn’t solve the issue, you might need to purchase a new Viking stove knob. 

Replace the broken knob with the new one, and hopefully, this should resolve the problem.

Testing the Wiring

Replace the Heating Element

Viking electric stove wiring

Sometimes the electric stove burner wiring wears out or gets burned, which is usually a sign that there’s something seriously wrong with your appliance.  

When this happens, it means the electrical connection between the burner control switch and the burner might be broken. In this case, the temperature of your Viking electric stove burner won’t adjust. In fact, you likely won’t be able to turn the burner on whatsoever.

To find the source of the problem, you’ll need to remove the burner from your electric stove and test the wiring using a multimeter. While this isn’t all that complicated to do on your own, if you have broken wiring, it’s best to leave the repair to a professional.

However, in some cases, you might be able to see the damage where the burner connects to the stove. 

If you suspect your Viking electric stove burner wiring has a short that’s causing it to malfunction, don’t hesitate to contact a professional technician as soon as possible.

Viking electric stove heating element

Most electric stove heating elements last 5 years or so. After 5 years, you’ll likely need to replace the heating element with a new one. Even if the burner is still working, it might not produce as much heat as it once did, leading you to suspect an issue with your appliance.

The heating element on an electric stove is the component that heats up and cooks your food. 

So if the burners won’t adjust and the knobs and control switch work, the burner is the likely problem. 

To replace the heating element:

  1. Turn off the power to your electric stove.
  2. Remove the old heating element.
  3. Insert the new heating element.
  4. Turn your stove’s power back on and test the new heating element. 

With that said, it’s important to make sure that you purchase a compatible replacement. So don’t hesitate to consult with a trained appliance pro for help.

Problems with the Control Board

If you’ve ruled everything out so far, there could be problems with the control board. 

You can tell you’ve got control board problems because the stove will display error messages or it simply won’t respond to your touch.

In this situation, you can try turning off the power to your electric stove. Wait a few minutes before turning the power back on. This can help to reset the appliance. 

If your Viking electric stove control board still displays error messages, contact a professional repair service. A technician can help to replace the control board and get your stove burner working like new.

Viking electric stove control board

Electric Stove Maintenance & Repair

The best thing you can do is to stay on top of your Viking electric stove maintenance. 

Plus, working with a repair technician will help you catch potential problems before they turn into serious issues. 

So for those that aren’t confident working with electrical appliances, you can always reach out to a local appliance repair service company like Viking Appliance Pros

Our team of expert professionals will answer all of your Viking appliance repair questions and help you to learn more about your Viking electric stove.

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