Viking range front panel and burners

Easy Repair Tips For Your Viking Range

Both gas and electric ranges made by Viking are fairly popular among our American customers. In fact, Viking as a company started with a production of durable, efficient ranges, this is their trademark and they make sure to offer as much flexibility in colors and configurations as possible. Barely any of our customers can complain about the quality of their Viking appliance, but even the most durable home appliances are bound to break. And if you are trying to find out how to troubleshoot your Viking range – this post is for you!

WARNING: Make sure to unplug your appliance before you attempt disassembling it! Turn off the gas supply if you are disassembling a gas range!
Breaker box

Check the Breaker Box and Power Outlet

Does your range have no power at all? Make sure to check the breaker box before you proceed with the troubleshooting!

Additionally, keep in mind that you need a 220-240V outlet for most cooking appliances made by Viking. This is not a problem most of the time, however sometimes you may accidentally plug in your range in a wrong power outlet. Without the appropriate power supply, the top burners of the Viking range won’t function at all for safety reasons. Please avoid testing your kitchen power outlets without appropriate equipment and experience in electrical engineering!

Viking range burner

Replace the Electric Burner or Socket

If you have a problem with a single electric heating element in your range – chances are that simply replacing either the element or its socket will solve the problem. Unplug your appliance before you proceed with the repair. Unscrew the lid and carefully rise it in order to get access to the burners. After you pull off the burners examine them carefully and make sure there is no visible damage. Check the socket for burns or corrosion as well. Swap the burners and if needed sockets, close the lid and try turning on the appliance again.

Viking range control board

Damaged Control Board

A control board can be a frequent cause of many appliance problems. Most often, the control boards are damaged due to the short in the house wiring, however, improper exploitation of your appliance can eventually harm the control board as well.

There is no easy way to test the control board, so we recommend replacing the control board only if you find visible signs of burning or other damage. It is better if this kind of repair is performed by a professional technician.

our technician
Viking oven temperature probe

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A thermostat and temperature sensor are the parts of the range that control the temperature within the oven. Check the temperature sensors contacts with the multimeter – it is located at the back wall of your oven. Alternatively, you can try examining the thermostat itself for the burns and the signs of the damage.

Viking infinite switch

Faulty Switch

If both the burner and the socket seem to be perfectly functional, we recommend testing the infinite switch that the socket is connected to. Examine the switch and test it for continuity with a multimeter to make sure it works correctly. Please avoid doing a live voltage test on the switch, it should be performed only by qualified technicians!

Looking for professional diagnostics or repair?

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