Viking outdoor grill problems

Viking Outdoor Grill: Problems & Solutions

During the warmer months of the year, there’s almost nothing better than inviting some friends and family over to enjoy a feast of food grilled to perfection on your outdoor barbeque.

But what happens when your outdoor grill breaks down or fails to ignite when company is already on their way over to your place?

Below, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common problems and solutions we see with Viking outdoor grills.

Gas Grill Won’t Light Up

When you can’t light your grill, the most obvious and common problem is that you’re low on fuel.

If you have a propane grill, check your tank to make sure that it is full enough. If not, you may need to swap it out with a full tank. Or, if you have a natural gas grill, make sure that the gas is, in fact, turned on before proceeding with any of the following troubleshooting steps.

Faulty Gas Supply

Although a lack of fuel is the most common problem, in some other cases, you may have a blocked or clogged gas line, which is causing your faulty gas supply.

If this is what you’re dealing with, you may still be able to get your grill lit, but you’ll likely have a weak or uneven flame due to the reduced gas flow.

While it’s perfectly safe to check your propane lines and valves for problems, you should never attempt to repair natural gas lines on your own.

Damaged Gas Supply Line

Especially if you’ve recently moved your grill or have performed any type of renovation around it, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a damaged gas supply line.

In some cases, this may be caused by a gas line that became twisted or kinked.

Once again, inspecting your gas supply lines is perfectly safe. But attempting to repair them should always be left to a trained appliance repair technician who can perform the repair safely.

Broken Igniter

Alternately, if you’re not dealing with a reduced or faulty gas supply, a grill that won’t light is often caused by a faulty igniter.

The igniter is the component that produces a small spark, which, in turn, ignites your grill’s gas supply. Therefore, when the part fails to produce a spark, you’ll often have trouble lighting your grill.

You can usually still get your grill lit by using a barbeque lighter. However, it’s still a good idea to replace the faulty igniter on your Viking grill when this happens.

Just make sure that you purchase the right replacement part for your specific make and model of outdoor grill.

Contacting your local appliance repair company is the best way to ensure that you get the right part.

Got a problem with your outdoor grill? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Weak Flame Issues

Unless you’re dealing with a gas supply issue, a weak or uneven flame is most often caused by a dirty, clogged up burner element, or a malfunctioning regulator.

Clogged Burner

Your grill’s burner element has many small holes on it where gas is meant to flow through to produce an even flame across the grill.

Therefore, when your burner gets overly dirty, it can become clogged up with food particles and grease dripping, which can cause issues with your flame.

Fortunately, resolving this issue is simple and only involves cleaning your burner.

For this, make sure your grill is cool to the touch. Then, remove the main grill, which can usually be lifted out of its place. Then, use your barbeque brush to gently scrape and clean any burnt or caked on food residue for the burner.

If needed, you can try using a small pin, screw driver, or a toothpick to clean out and remove any debris from the holes.

Then, once cleaned, you should be able to put everything back together and test out your grill.

Malfunctioning Regulator

As their name implies, your grill’s regulators help to regulator the flow of gas, and in turn, the amount of heat you use while cooking.

When these components fail to work properly, it can often result in a weak or uneven flame.

Cleaning your burner element is a simple and easy troubleshooting task.

However, replacing your unit’s regulators should only be done by a trained appliance professional to ensure that the job is done right and that there will be no gas leaks anywhere.


Grill Producing Orange Flame

When your gas grill is working properly, you should have a blue flame with slightly orange or yellow tips.

However, if you’re seeing either orange or yellow flames, it could be a sign that you have a bad mixture of gas and air, which may be caused by an obstruction in the burner element.

Once again, the first step is to make sure that the burner element is properly cleaned and that there’s nothing preventing the flow of case.

If there’s nothing visibly wrong with the burner, you may have a faulty control valve.

Bad Control Valve

Like your unit’s regulators, the control valves allow you to adjust your flame as needed.

Therefore, when your control valves aren’t working properly, you’ll often experience a weak or uneven flame, or you may have trouble lighting your grill in the first place.

Viking Outdoor Grills And Appliance Repair

Although most outdoor grill issues are easy to diagnose and repair on your own, when you’re dealing with gas supply lines, or when you’re simply unable to diagnose the cause of your problem, it’s good to know that friendly appliance repairs are only a quick call away!

Here at Viking Appliance Pros we know outdoor grills and all other Viking appliances like the backs of our hands.

So if you’ve got a faulty appliance, and need help to get back to grilling before your company shows up, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today!