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Viking Undercounter Refrigerator Repair – Wine Cellar

Viking Undercounter Wine Cooler

Viking appliances are the highest quality appliances a consumer can bring into their home or business, and this exemplary status is demonstrated perfectly in their line of undercounter wine cellars. These convenient, durable, and sleek-looking appliances allow customers to preserve and protect their investments without the need to dedicate an entire room or full-sized appliance to the task. When customers with a critical eye want to store their wines in style, they look to Viking for the solution. These appliances rarely break down, but what do you do when professional assistance is needed?

Problems With Your Wine Cellar?

Common problems with wine cellars can include control issues, humidity problems, strange odors inside the appliance, cabinet door not closing, and lighting malfunction.

Of these problems, temperature control is the most frequent complaint. This might mean that the appliance is either running too warm, or running too cool. Follow your Viking appliance’s owner’s manual to get exact temperature specifications for your specific model, but wine cellars are generally kept running at about forty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit. If your wine cellar isn’t in this temperature range, or if it isn’t reaching the temperature you call for on the controls or thermostat, the contents of your wine cellar may be at risk.

Before calling the pros, you can try a few simple steps to solve the problem yourself:

  • Check that the door is closing properly – be sure that nothing is blocking the door from closing, and that it is swinging properly on its hinges and connection points.
  • Inspect the rubber gasket or seal around the wine cellar door – look for breaks or tears in the rubber seal, and inspect for brittleness or other damage. This is usually the first failure point on an undercounter wine cellar.
  • Make sure the controls are set properly – read your owner’s manual for help on how to get just the right temperature from your Viking wine cellar.
  • Power supply and space – make sure that your wine cellar is plugged in, has an adequate power supply, and is installed to have the correct amount of clearance around the cabinet. Consult your owner’s manual for more details.

Still having trouble? If you’re experiencing this or any problem with your Viking wine cellar, just contact us for advice and service. We have the professional experience to take care of any appliance issue in your home.

Our Promise to You

When you work with Viking Appliance Pros, we promise that your experience will be simple and satisfying from start to finish. We’ve got years of experience helping customers like you with their Viking wine cellars.

When you pick up the phone:

  • A friendly customer service representative will take your information and get you started on the right track
  • If you do need a service team dispatched to your location, one will arrive on time and ready to get the job done
  • Our highly-trained teams come equipped with all the tools and parts necessary to get the job done right the first time. They’ve got the know-how and experience to diagnose and fix any Viking appliance problem.
  • Our team will diagnose your problem and provide an upfront quote on all work to be done, allowing you to be in control of your decision-making process.
  • The job will get done right the first time, and we can usually finish most work in one trip. When we’re finished working, your appliance will be back at top performance, and your home will be better than ever before.
  • We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the entire process. If you’re not, we’ll work to make it right. That’s our guarantee to you.

Repair or Replace?

It can be a difficult decision on whether to repair or replace an appliance when it goes bad. Viking wine cellars will provide many years of lasting service—but what do you do when they break down? Some appliances are made to wear out in a certain time, known as planned obsolescence. In the case of quality Viking appliances, however, it is usually possible for a professional appliance service company to solve the most common problems with your appliance. This means that your broken-down or worn-out wine cellar can be fixed or repaired for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Contact Viking Appliance Pros to learn more about how we can help you!

Contact Us Right Away

If you’re having issues with your Viking undercounter wine cellar that are preventing it from running at the highest levels of performance, contact us right away. We’re standing by at Viking Appliance Pros to assist you with all of your Viking appliance questions, issues, and concerns. If you need help in your home, we can be there as soon as you contact us.

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