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Most Common Issues With Viking Dishwasher And How To Fix Them

Viking dishwashers are among the highest quality appliances you can have in your home. As with all appliances, however, they can break down and require maintenance. But unlike with some other appliances, it is not recommended to service your unit yourself unless you are particularly knowledgeable about dishwasher repair. And attempting to repair your dishwasher without adequate knowledge could lead to long-term problems or worse. On the other hand, in some cases, common problems associated with the Viking dishwasher only require a few troubleshooting steps to fix. We’ve detailed the most common issues these appliances face below.

Dishwasher Is Not Drying

Viking Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwasher is not drying dishes properly, there are a few issues that could be causing this. First, check your settings to ensure you are on a cycle that will dry the type of dishes in your load. Second, make sure you haven’t packed too many dishes into your unit. If you are in the correct setting and haven’t packed too many dishes, it may be a problem with your vent.If your vent isn’t opening properly, it will trap moisture in the dishwasher, in turn, leading to your dishes still being wet after it finishes its cleaning cycle. If something is impeding your vent from opening, you can try to remove it manually.

Water Won’t Drain

Viking Dishwasher Draining Problem

Water not draining from the dishwasher is usually a case of debris preventing it from doing so. Cleaning debris out from the filter is often enough to get your unit draining properly. Another common cause of this is if something is impeding the flow of water through the drain hose. This can happen if the hose has been bent, dented or damaged, and water is no longer flowing through it properly. You may also want to clean out the strainer basket and check your garbage disposal unit for anything that might be impeding them.If you’ve followed all these steps and your unit still is not draining, it is likely a broken or damaged part. This could be your drain impeller, drain solenoid kit, connections or valves, drain pump or motor.

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Dishwasher Won’t Turn On

Check the power sourse

There are a few issues that could result in your dishwasher not turning on. It could be as simple as your unit is not getting enough power. Therefore, check that it is, in fact, plugged in and there are no problems with the power chord, outlet, or fuse. You will also want to ensure that the dishwasher door is closed tightly since if it isn’t your unit simply won’t start a cleaning cycle when you turn it on. An insufficient supply of water into your unit could also prevent it from starting as well.If you have checked all of the above, then it might be a broken or defective part causing the problem. This could include a broken timer, main control board, touchpad, thermal fuse, or even a defective door switch or latch. In either case, you’ll likely need a qualified technician to help you replace any of the damaged parts.

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Dishwasher Won’t Clean The Dishes

Viking Dishwasher Fully Loaded

One frustrating problem all dishwashers suffer from is that they do not get the dishes completely clean. There are a few reasons why this could be happening. Start by trying to move the spray arms around manually to look for possible signs of obstruction. Clear out any debris which could be impeding the spray arms’ motion. You can also try adding fresh and dry detergent to the dispenser to see if that solves the problem.If you’ve tried the above tips and your unit still is not getting your dishes clean, it is likely a broken or defective part causing the problem. This could include the spray arm bearing ring, water inlet valve, water supply tube or wash spinner. If unsure how to check or repair these components, you’ll need a professional technician to replace these broken or defective parts.

Dishwasher Is Leaking

If your dishwasher is leaking, this is a problem for your appliance and your flooring underneath. Not to mention that flooding can possibly even cause structural damage to your home if the issue isn’t resolved! So if you find your unit is leaking, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take before calling a professional for help. You’ll first want to first ensure that your dishwasher is standing as close to level as possible. Once this is done, try looking for any signs of tears or damage to the drain or inlet hoses that can be patched up. If the above steps didn’t solve the problem, you are likely looking at a broken or defective part that will need to be replaced. These could include your water inlet valve, door gasket, shaft seal, or washer arm.

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