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The Importance Of Cleaning Your Viking Gas Burners Often

When’s the last time you cleaned your Viking gas burners? 

If you’re like most homeowners, chances are that it’s been a while! 

Don’t worry, we understand. Life is busy, and you’ve got a lot on your plate, which means that thoroughly cleaning your gas burners is likely at the bottom of your to-do list. 

However, the problem is that if you don’t clean your gas burners, you’ll run into more serious appliance issues. And eventually, your gas burners won’t work at all, or they’ll be at risk of catching on fire while you cook. 

Let’s look at some other reasons why cleaning your gas burners should be a regular maintenance task that you perform every couple weeks, as well as after each time you use your range.

Problems Caused by a Dirty or Clogged Gas Burner

While a small spill or mess isn’t likely to cause much damage, over time, dirty burners will start to impair your appliance’s performance. 

In other words, if left to their own demise, dirty burners will lead to serious problems, including uneven heating, burner failure, and an igniter that fails to ignite your burner.

Uneven Heating Due to Obstructed Gas Supply

Burner Might Fail to Light Up

Igniter Will Fail To Spark

Viking gas burners

While you cook, food particles can sometimes fall into the burners and can cause obstructions in the small holes where the gas comes out. When the gas supply is obstructed, the burners will heat unevenly. 

Uneven heat will prevent your food from cooking properly. Plus, if you don’t clean the burners and remove these obstructions, the burner will eventually stop working. 

You can usually tell that your Viking gas burners heat unevenly if the flame is higher or lower on one side, if the flames take on a yellowish colour, or if the flame is missing in spots.

Viking gas burner light up

The igniter might be working just fine, but if you don’t clean your Viking gas burners, food particles will create blockages, which can cause your burners to fail to light up when you’re getting ready to cook.

To resolve this problem, check the burner holes for blockages. To do this, remove the burner caps and use a toothpick, safety pin, or needle and remove any food particles, grease, or dirt that’s blocking the holes. 

If the food particles won’t budge, you might try soaking the burner in warm water for half an hour and then trying again. 

Once all the burner holes are clear, and you’ve given the cap a good cleaning, replace the cap and test the burner to see if it lights up.

Igniter fails to spark

The igniter on a gas stove creates sparks to ignite the burner. Therefore, if the igniter fails to spark, the burner won’t light and you won’t be able to use it for cooking food. 

Not cleaning your gas burners at least once a month can lead to igniter failure. In most cases, you’ll need to clean the burners to resolve this issue. However, it’s also possible that the spark module has become faulty and will need to be replaced. 

If you clean Viking gas burners and the igniter still fails to spark, you should contact a professional repair service

An appliance repair service will send a technician to diagnose and fix the problem properly. 

While you’ll need to clean your Viking gas burners more often, at least, you’ll feel better knowing your gas stove is in good working order again.

Burner Cleaning Tips

If you don’t know where to start or how to clean your Viking gas burners, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our very best burner cleaning tips.

  1. Safety first! Turn off the gas valve and electricity before you start cleaning. 
  2. Remove the burner caps from the top of the burner to access the burner heads. 
  3. To remove the burner heads, lift them straight up. This minimizes the chance of bending or breaking electrical parts.
  4. Soak the caps and burner heads with warm water and soap. 20 – 30 minutes should do the trick!
  5. Scrub both caps and burner heads with a non-abrasive pad. Use an old toothbrush to make sure you get all the nooks and crannies. 
  6. To get food particles out of tiny burner holes, use a toothpick or needle. 
  7. Don’t use steel wool or bleach to clean your gas burners. These products will permanently damage the burner heads and caps.
  8. Thoroughly rinse all the soap and debris away. 
  9. Replace the parts and test the burners to make sure they burn evenly. 

Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to have a professional appliance technician service your Viking appliance at least once or twice per year. An appliance pro will easily be able to diagnose any problems you might currently have, repair them, and explain to you the best ways to care for and maintain your kitchen appliances.

Viking burners cleaning

Good Maintenance Today, Fewer Problems Tomorrow

It’s a good rule of thumb to clean your Viking gas burners before the flame starts to falter, turn yellow, or become uneven. 

However, the best part about cleaning your Viking gas burners now is that good maintenance today means fewer problems tomorrow. 

But if you should run into Viking gas burner issues, know that you can always turn to a professional appliance repair service like Viking Appliance Pros.

Viking Appliance Pros provides great maintenance tips and advice so that you can get involved in your Viking appliance repair. If there’s a problem you can’t easily fix, our team of professional technicians provides same day service to get your Viking appliances working again. 

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