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How To Take Care Of Your Viking Wine Cellar

If you’re a wine connoisseur, then you already know that your beloved beverages should always be stored at a certain temperature for optimal taste and longevity.

And in this case, your Viking wine cellar or chiller is the ideal tool for doing this, allowing you to keep your favorite roses, chardonnays, sauvignons and cabs at the perfect temperature all the time.

However, because you expect your wine cellar to keep working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it’s easy to understand that this appliance will need a bit of tender love and care from time to time.

Below, we’ll take a look at how to take care of your Viking wine cellar, and what to do when you run into problems with it.

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Wine Cellar Won’t Cool

When you’re dealing with a wine cellar that won’t cool down, the first thing to check is that the unit is, in fact, properly plugged in and has power coming from your home’s main electrical panel.

If the outlet doesn’t have any power, you may have a tripped breaker, which can easily be switched back on.

However, if you continue to trip the breaker, it’s a good indication that you’re dealing with a faulty component somewhere in your appliance.

Faulty Door Switch

Your cellar’s door switch tells the unit when it can run a cooling cycle, knowing that the door is, in fact, properly closed and secured.

But when this switch malfunctions, the unit might think that the door is open, which will prevent it from running a cooling cycle.

You can check the door switch by opening the door and pressing the switch manually. This should cause the unit’s interior lights to go off. If, however, they stay on, it likely means that you’re dealing with a faulty switch or wiring connection.

Viking fan motor

Condenser Fan Motor

This component is responsible for helping to cool down your condenser coils so they don’t overheat.

When the unit’s condenser fan begins to fail, you’ll most often hear a grinding noise before it gives out.

Unfortunately, diagnosing and repairing a faulty condenser fan involves disassembling your appliance, which should only be done if you’re certain of what you’re doing.

If not, don’t hesitate to contact Viking Appliance Pros today for repair help near you!

Viking wine cooler coils

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your unit’s condenser coils circulate coolant, which is an integral part of the cooling process. On top of this, the condenser coils also helps disperse any residual heat away from the appliance during operation.

Therefore, when your condenser coils are dirty, covered with dust and debris, it can prevent the unit from being able to cool down effectively. This is precisely why we recommend cleaning your condenser coils at least once or twice per calendar year.

So, if it’s been a while, start by using a vacuum to remove as much dirt and dust as possible, and then wiping everything down with a rag and some soapy water. This may be all that’s needed to get your wine cellar working properly once again.

However, if you continue to experience the same problem, you may have a faulty condenser fan or motor.

Viking undercounter wine cooler

Wine Cellar Won’t Keep The Proper Temperature

If you notice that your unit’s temperature is fluctuating without you adjusting the thermostat, it likely means that there’s something wrong internally with your appliance.

Viking wine cooler thermostat

Broken Thermostat

The thermostat allows you to set the cellar’s temperature, and also tells the unit when to cool down, and when to rest.

Therefore, if the thermostat isn’t working properly, you’ll likely experience fluctuating temperatures, or your cellar may not cool down whatsoever.

Viking wine cooler control board

Main Control Board

Similar to the thermostat, the cellar’s control board tells the unit when to operate and when to rest. So if this component is malfunctioning, you can run into any number of problems, including a cellar that won’t maintain the proper temperature.

However, diagnosing both a thermostat or a control board requires using a tool called a multimeter. In other words, unless you know how to use this device, it may be time to call in an appliance repair professional to help you out!

Viking wine cooler door seal

Bad Door Seal

Your cellar has a door seal or gasket, which prevents cool air from escaping and hot air from getting inside. Therefore, when your door seal is worn out, broken, or missing, it can cause the unit to have trouble with maintaining the proper temperature.

Fortunately, replacing a faulty door seal is inexpensive and can usually be done on your own. Just make sure that you obtain the correct door seal to fit your specific make and model of wine cellar.

Viking undercounter wine cooler

Unusual Noise While Operating

Although it’s perfectly normal for your wine cellar to make a bit of noise during operation, you shouldn’t hear any loud or unusual grinding noises.

In other words, if you do, it likely means that you have a faulty component that’s on the verge of failure.

Viking wine cooler fan

Condenser Fan

If the condenser fan has broken blades or a worn-out bearing, you’ll often hear a grinding, clicking, or ticking noise while the unit is running.

While you may be able to diagnose this issue on your own, if you find that you need to replace the fan or any of the fan blades, it’s best to contact a professional repair service for parts and service in your area.

Viking wine cooler compressor

Worn-out Compressor

The unit’s compressor is the component that pumps refrigerant through the unit’s condenser coils.

When this part is on the verge of failing, it will often make a lot of loud, unusual noises.

With that being said, the compressor is hooked up to your unit’s pressurized coolant system, which also means that repairing or replacing a faulty compressor should only be done by a qualified appliance repair technician.

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Viking Wine Cellar And Appliance Repair

Here at Viking Appliance Pros, we know Viking products like we know the hair on our heads.

That’s why we guarantee that we can easily diagnose and repair virtually any type of appliance problems that you may encounter.

Got a broken or malfunctioning Viking appliance? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!