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Common Viking Microwave Problems and Solutions

Microwaves are one of the best appliances to use in the home or office when you need a quick and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Plus, hey make meal prep incredibly quick and easy.

However, with age and use, you’ll soon start to see a bit of wear and tear on your beloved appliance

In other words, over time, your precious Viking microwave will eventually need a bit of maintenance and repair. 

This article will explore some common Viking Microwave problems and solutions that we see, in turn, to help you get your Viking microwave working again

But before we get started, you need to know that you should never disassemble a microwave on your own! Even if the microwave is not powered, you run the risk of a high-voltage shock from the capacitor. 

High-voltage shock can cause severe burns, eye damage, and other injuries. To protect yourself, leave all microwave maintenance repairs to an experienced technician

Microwave Won’t Turn On

A microwave that won’t turn on is a huge problem. The solution here is to troubleshoot the door latch, control panel, and magnetron.

Problems with the Door Latch

Malfunctioning Control Panel

Broken Magnetron

Viking microwave door latch

All Viking microwaves have a door latch. The door latch is typically located near the door switch, which is basically an electronic sensor to let the control board know when it’s safe to operate. 

If the door latch is broken, the microwave won’t sense that the door is closed. And, your Viking microwave simply will not turn on or heat up unless it senses the door is closed. 

Viking microwave control panel

Every Viking microwave comes with a control panel, which functions as the main interface you use to give the appliance its heating instructions. 

So, if you’re pressing the buttons on your microwave, but they’re not responding and the appliance won’t start, the control panel is likely malfunctioning. 

Fortunately, a faulty control panel doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the  microwave. A professional repair technician can easily replace the control panel and get your unit back up and running in no time!

Viking microwave magnetron

A magnetron is what the microwave uses to generate the heat that you use to cook your food. 

Therefore, your microwave won’t be able to produce any heat whatsoever if the magnetron is broken. 

While it may be possible to replace this component, it’s important to remember you should never disassemble your microwave. Once again, even if you’ve disconnected your Viking microwave from power, you can still end up getting a high-voltage shock. 

A Viking microwave door latch requires multimeter testing to determine whether or not the door latch is working. However, as mentioned, even when a microwave isn’t connected to a power source, you still run the risk of a high-voltage shock. 

For this reason, you should always leave any major repairs or maintenance tasks to a trained technician.

Avoid the dangers of DIY Viking microwave repair and contact a professional appliance repair service. An expert Viking appliance technician can help to keep your microwave in great condition.

Turntable Won’t Turn

A Viking microwave’s turntable is an important feature that works to rotate your food or beverage during cooking times, which helps to evenly distribute the heat. The result is warm food all the way around. 

If your Viking microwave turntable won’t turn, the problem is likely a malfunctioning drive motor or a broken roller guide.

Malfunctioning Drive Motor

Viking microwave drive motor

You can tell your microwave drive motor is malfunctioning or on the verge of breaking if you can hear a grinding sound during operation. Another sign of a malfunctioning drive motor is a turntable that doesn’t turn at all. 

The cause of a malfunctioning drive motor could be due to food particles. If you haven’t cleaned your Viking microwave in a while, food particles can jam the drive motor, which will stop the turntable from being able to rotate properly.

But once again, you don’t want to disassemble your microwave on your own. 

So to correctly identify whether or not you need a new drive motor, you’ll need help from a professional technician.

Broken Roller Guide

Viking microwave roller guide

Another reason why your Viking microwave turntable isn’t turning is that the roller guide is broken. 

The roller guide is the track that the turntable sits on. If the motor drive is working well, it will turn the roller guide, and the turntable will move smoothly. 

In other words, the turntable won’t move at all if the roller guide is broken.

Viking Microwave Maintenance & Repair Solutions

Whether your microwave won’t turn on or the turntable won’t turn, Viking microwaves need maintenance and repair just like any other appliance. 

The good news is there’s a solution to every problem.

Hiring a local repair technician, like the ones you’ll find at Viking Appliance Pros, will ensure your safety and help to increase the lifespan of your microwave. 

Why wait? Get involved in your Viking appliance repair. Contact Viking Appliance Pros now for professional, same-day service. 

There’s simply no better solution than that.

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